Tips for Moving to Manhattan New York City After College

New York City has always been a top destination for college graduates looking to settle in an urban environment. Moving to New York can be a huge transition, but by preparing beforehand and making smart financial and logistical decisions, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Here are some invaluable tips for moving to NYC after college.


Selecting a Neighborhood

One mistake that many college grads make is assuming that NYC consists only of Manhattan. While Manhattan will likely be where your job is located, it is the most expensive borough to live in. By expanding your housing search past Manhattan, you can consider reasonable neighborhoods outside of Manhattan, such as:

  • Jackson Heights, Queens
  • – Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
  • – Fordham, the Bronx

All of these are still reachable from Manhattan using public transportation. If you’re set on living in Manhattan, look for cheaper neighborhoods like Murray Hill on the Upper East Side, which is affordable and largely populated by postgrads.

Finding an Apartment

Choosing a neighborhood is the first step, but negotiating an apartment lease can be much more difficult. One good idea is to first call a few brokers and, when asked what you’re looking for, say you want an honest broker who won’t waste your time Also, as a recent college graduate, you’ll likely need a guarantor to ensure that payments will be made, ideally somebody you know who lives nearby. Finally, be respectful and polite to all officials involved–you don’t want to get into arguments or hard negotiations with professionals who are more experienced and knowledgeable than you are.

Finding Roommates

Most college grads won’t be able to afford an apartment on their own. This is where roommates come in. When searching for good roommates, you should be sure to consider both financial factors as well as lifestyle differences.  While having one or more roommates will help save on rent costs, if you’re trying to work hard and save money, you don’t want a roommate looking to go out and party every night. You should also be sure all roommates have their financial situation in order and will be able to make their portion of rental payments. While finding roommates isn’t always easy, the right roommates can both ease your financial burden as well as allow you to make new friends and branch out socially.

Moving Your Things

Last but not least, you’ll need to plan out how to move your things to your new apartment. Hiring professional movers New York is essential, as they have the experience necessary to get your things to their destination quickly and easily, which is especially important in a city as crowded and busy as New York. Using a legitimate moving company is worth the extra cash, and to save money, be sure to book early, and hire movers from your city of origin rather than a company based in NYC, as this is usually cheaper.


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